Art workshops for all ages

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Art and industry

Students visit clay quarries at a local brickworks

Art and wonder

Amazement all round at the realisation that art can come out of the ground


Carefully structured and differentiated activities ensure individual success


The Clay Festival enabled schools to showcase the stunning results of their children’s projects

Art and science

Children building their own bonfire kiln

Art and science

Putting the finishing touches to the kiln before firing


Fish produced by the children are glazed and ready for the kiln

Art and the Environment

Children finding sources of clay in their local environment

The Purbeck Clay Festival has been organised jointly with Purbeck Art Weeks Festival, and has been a major success, involving children from reception to year 13. It has linked education to local industry, with site visits to clay production at quarries, brickworks and craft potteries. By attracting sponsorship from international companies such as Imerys, national firms such as the Coop, and local business, Lizzie’s efforts made the project self-funding.

Shiningpie’s role has been to coordinate, organise and lead field activities for children and then build on that experience through themed art sessions in the classroom.

Purbeck Clay Project

The Purbeck Clay Festival: self funding links between art and local industry